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Cette page est consacrée aux différents groupes liés aux Silencers...

This page is dedicated to the different bands linked to the Silencers...

 JJ Gilmour / KMO / Bwana Devil...

JJ "Jinky" gilmour

L'ex-Silencers Jinky, qui a quitté le groupe en 1996 a sorti un premier album solo "Sunnyside (P.A.L) en Octobre 2001, sous le nom de JJ Gilmour. Jinky vient de créer un site web sur sa carrière solo : Site en ligne le 1 Mai 2003.

 Sunnyside (P.A.L)

8 October 2001 Edel, ref. 0127162 ERE

Me and You - July don't Lie - Smile - (Cogno) - Jenny Fly - Believe Me Now - I Can't Escape the Ghost - The American Dream - Already Sold - Spy - Road movie - Simon's Song

Former Silencers member Jinky, who left the band in 1996 released his first solo album "Sunnyside (P.A.L) in October 2001, with the name of JJ Gilmour. Jinky creatted a web site on his solo career : Site on line in May 1st, 2003.

Site français de jjgilmour :


Quite famous in Scotland, KMO (for Kevin Mc Dermott Orchestra) were created several years ago by Kevin Mc Dermott. More than once they played with the Silencers, and KMO's drummer Jim Mc Dermott also joined the Silencers in 1996, after the departure of former drummer Tony Soave. Jim also played the drum on Simple Minds's "Néopolis" album (1997), as well as on Deacon Blue's last album.

KMO's latest album "Bedazzled" was released in 2000, and was followed by several successfull gigs in Glasgow and elsewhere in Scotland in early 2001.

To be noted : Sharleen Spiteri's participation (from scottish band Texas) on the song "Born Yesterday" in KMO's last record.

More info on the KMO section

A new unoficial KMO web site appeared in Sept. 2001 :


 Bwana Devil (ex Sleeping Prophets)

The Sleeping Prophets have been together for several years. They haven't as yet got a record deal. It's only recently that they've been trying to push forward and try and get signed up. They've played a lot of gigs around Glasgow (you may have seen them supporting the Silencers). They've got a single (sort of) which was released on a college label. They've currently got quite a repetoir of song and certainly have the potential to make it. Their average age is 19, so they still have years to make it. Line up : James (Voice, Guitar) Martin (Guitar), Ryan (Bass) and Sean (Drums). In 2005, the band changed their name to Bwana Devil. They have a new bassist : Ed Bonner. A web site was created in September 2005 :

Infos and photos : Ed Bonner 



Sleeping Prophets


Simple Minds

Is it necessary to present this famous rock band from Glasgow?! The Silencers supported Simple Minds European Tour in 1989, and the two bands had the same manager at the time (Flood). The other links between the two bands are Martin Hanlin (former Silencers drummer) and Joe Donnelly (former Silencers bassist), two close friends of Jim Kerr.


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