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L'ex-Silencers Jinky, qui a quitté le groupe en 1996 a sorti un premier album solo "Sunnyside (P.A.L) en Octobre 2001, sous le nom de JJ Gilmour.

Former Silencers member Jinky, who left the band in 1996 released his first solo album "Sunnyside (P.A.L) in October 2001, with the name of JJ Gilmour.


Sunnyside (P.A.L)

8 October 2001 Edel, ref. 0127162 ERE

Me and You - July don't Lie - Smile - (Cogno) - Jenny Fly - Believe Me Now - I Can't Escape the Ghost - The American Dream - Already Sold - Spy - Road movie - Simon's Song

Eastworld (with Casbah Club)

Summer 2004, Track records

Seven Waves - Perfect World - Fragile Thing - Town Called Malice - Ships - Me & You - Butterfly Collector - Never Take Your Place - Down In The Tube Station At Midnight - In A Big Country

The Casbah Club are : JJ Gilmour, Bruce Foxton (ex Jam), Bruce Watson, Josh Phillips & Mark Brzezicki (Big Country). More detail on bigcountry.co.uk

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