Portrait : Jinky

(Vocals & guitar from 1991 to 1996)

Name (Nom) : James Gilmour.

Hobbies : Playing football (jouer au football).

Favourite Bands (Groupes préférés) : Thin Lizzy, Talking Heads.

Main Influences (Principales influences) : Wine, Women (le vin, les femmes).

Favourite Silencers song : Bullet and Blue Eyes.

Favourite movie (film préféré) : "Authur".

Favourite Painter (Peintre préféré) : Doris Stokes.

Favourite colour (Couleur préférée) : Green (Vert).

Favourite food : Sea Food (Les fruits de mer).

Favourite drink : Milk (le lait).

Where would like to live, besides Glasgow or Scotland (Où aimerais-tu vivre, à part Glasgow ou l'Ecosse) : Twin Peaks.

A message for the fans (un message pour les fans) : Stay Cool, Be Free and Keep Right Until the End of the Road. Because Now the Journey Begins.

Photo : from Jinky's official site

See also the "Related Bands section" to have information on Jinky's solo album "Sunnyside (P.A.L), released in 2001.

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