Aura O'Neill's interview

Aura is Jimme's Daughter. When Jinky left the band in 1996, she officially joined the Silencers. However, she had already participated into the band's life with the album "So Be It" released in 1995 : Aura is none less that this cristal-like voice on the songs "I Woke Up" and "Wild Mountain Thyme".

Here is the extract of an interview which we realized in March 16, 1997, when we met her for the first time. That was a couple of hours before a concert at Disneyland-Paris.

Silences : What was your reaction when your father told you to sing with him on So Be It?

Aura : At first, that was funny, because the song "Wild Mountain Thyme" was never meant to be a single. It was only written and received much publicity from the advert in Scotland. So we had to put it on the album, but it wasn't supposed to be on the album. We recorded that one year, and it was still there, two years later... I was only 17.

Silences : What was your reaction when Jimme asked you to sing with him on stage (that was in 1996 in Chatenay-Malabry, in France)?

Aura : I was... very frightening... I thought I could make a mistake, then he won't ask me to do it again... I don't think I was very good but I thought that was a great concert... I was very surprised that there wasn't more people asking asking for the band as it used to be...

Silences : Musically speaking, do you always agree with your father?

Jimme (on the back) : No!

Aura : We have different ways of working...

Silences : Do you play any instrument?

Aura : No. I've tried to learn the guitar many times, but... I believe I have too small hands....


Photo : collection personnelle d'Aura


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