An interview of Stevie Kane (April 1999).

This discussion with Stevie Kane, realized in April 7th, 1999 at "Le Plan", Ris-Orangis, near paris, when the band started the Receiving Tour.


Photo ; Didier Reuss, 04/1999

 Silences : First question, how did you meet Jimme?

Stevie : I knew of Jimme before, because I was a fan of the Silencers before.

Silences : How did he contact you?

Stevie : I knew the drummer of the band, Tony, and then I got an audition for the band.

Silences : It was in 91? 92?

Stevie : Not sure! Long time ago!

Silences : Which is your best memory with the Silencers, since you've joined them?

Stevie : Lots of good memories, but I think the first Tour...

Silences : And the worst, if there is one?

Stevie : When we played here ("Le Plan", Ris-Orangis, near Paris) the last time. I was very sick, very ill... with food. So that is not a good place for me!!! Hopefully tonight I'll be much better!!! The last time we played here, the roadies, the crew, had to put wet towel on my neck to keep me awake. I had to play ill!!!

Silences : Let's hope you will feel much better tonight...

Stevie : I hope so!!!!

Silences : Which is your favourite album?

Stevie : Dance to the Holy Man.

Silences : Dance to the Holy Man is the first album where you played?

Stevie : No, I didn't play. I did half of the Tour... I joined half way through the Tour... But that's my favourite album.

Silences : And the one you like the least?

Stevie : I don't dislike any album Because I was a fan before, and it's very hard once you play on them, you have a different idea of them. When I was into songs I played on them, I remember what I was doing when I was playing, when Jimme was writing, so you have a different kind of memory. before I joined the band, you could just listen, no memory on them. It's very different..

Silences : Because you were not involved at the time... A the time of "Blues for Buddha" for instance.

Stevie : No. just a fan. That's different.

Silences : And which is your favourite song?

Stevie : because I'm the bass player, most of the songs with the big bass, "Bulletproof Heart" and "Receiving" and... "Electric Storm", the ones with a big bass are my favourite to play also.

Silences : Also on stage?

Stevie : Yea.

Silences : Which is your best memory during the recording of "Receiving"?

Stevie : I enjoyed everything, but that was a great relief to have it finished, because we knew we would be touring and, that was a long time, you know coming, so as you know, and that was nice to have it finished, because I knew it'll be working again.

Silences : By the way, have you played in other bands, or have you done something between "So Be It" et "Receiving"?

Stevie : Yeah, lots of different bands but nothing like this... just make money playing anything!!

Silences : What are the other bands you like to listen to?

Photo : Magali Alexandre, 1999


Photo : Didier Reuss, 04/1999

Stevie : I listen to everything : jazz, classical... No, anything.

Silences : By the way, what is brother (Phil Kane) studying?

Stevie : Computers. programming. So he finishes in two months, and then he will come back.

Silences : And in the past, could he manage both his studies and the band?

Stevie : yes. just take time off, but now this is his final year, so he must do it now...

Silences : Are you also doing something else besides the Silencers?

Stevie : At the moment, no.

Silences : And in the past?

Stevie : I am a welder, I built submarines, I used to build submarines... welding.

Silences : Quite a different activity!!! And how did you come to music?

Stevie : My whole family are musicians We all play different... that's it!!

Silences : That's it, thank you Stevie!

Stevie : Thanks.

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