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The Silencers welcomed a new member in early 1998... A violonist called "Camilla" (but everybody actually says "Milla"!). Here are the first questions we actually sent her by mail... Since we still haven't met her, yet... this interview was realized in July 1998.

Silences : How and when did you meet Jimme and the Silencers?

Milla : Back in November 1997. I was playing with an Irish folk band called "The Picts" in a pub on Glasgows Sauchiehall Street. Coincidentally the pub was named "O'Neills". Jimme introduced himself, a week or so later. I tried out with the Silencers, and the rest is history!

Silences : What did you do before the Silencers? Did you play in another band?

Milla : Lots! I studied music in Glasgow until 1994. My first job was buying the classical and folk music for "HMV" in Argyle Street, then I was "music development officer" for a region in Scotland. I've played in lots of Scottish and folk bands, many orchestras, a couple of rock bands - and even a death metal group!

Silences : Did you know the band before you met them? If yes, where from?

Milla : I knew of them, and had always loved their "Wild Mountain Thyme" version. Having worked in a record shop, I knew their albums, but had never realised just how great a band they really are. Playing with them is just fab!

Silences : Have definitively joined the Silencers?

Milla : Yes. They' ve decided to keep me!

Silences : On how many new songs of the future album do you play the violin?

Milla : The track list is not finalised yet, but probably about six.


Photo : Aura's personnal Collection


Interview de Milla (Avril 1999).

We eventually met Milla in April 7th, 1999. The following interview was realized at "The Plan" in Ris-Orangis (near Paris) a few hours before the Silencers gig.

Silences : Before the Silencers, did you participated into the recording of an album, with other bands?


Photo : Didier Reuss, 04/1999

Milla : Not an album... I played with with many bands, well, folk bands, Irish, Scottish, pop and heavy metal... I studied music, thus I played in an orchestra, ,many things like this... But no album, that's the first one...

Silences : We heard on an interview (Ouï FM, Paris, April 1st) that you have a classical formation for the violin... Did you study violin at school?

Milla : Yes, at school. After the college, I went to Edimburgh and studied two years there, then I went to the Academy of Music in Glasgow for two years... But I did not want to play classical music, and thus I changed, I worked and then went to university, and studied two more years, and passed a degree. Actually I like listening to classical music, but not playing it...

Silences : Why?

Milla : It's too serious. Besides, in an orchestra, you are the part of a whole group of people, dressed in black and white, and this is very anonymous... But I love this music, and the training, the education was really ggod for me. However I prefere this sort of music (that of the Silencers).

Silences : Maybe more creative, also more improvisation maybe...

Milla : yes, when you study music, you read all the time... And then you "memorize" without the music... But no improvisation... When I started playing with the band, that was... Jimme said "play this or that", at the beginning that was difficult, but now, this is natural for me. That's another path to play music, this is only "earing"... the sound of music.

Silences : Otherwise, on the interview I listened to on Europe 1 (French radio), you said you play tin whistle as well?

Milla : Penny Whistle? On the album yes...

Silences : Which is your favourite song on Receiving?

Milla : in different ways, I like all the songs, but I love the soul of "Incredible Creature", its sound, I like "For Those Who Have Everything" very much,too. it's so exciting. there's none that I don't like.

Silences : And among the other Silencers songs, what are those you prefere?

Milla : I love "I Can Feel It"... What is the other one... Oh God... (to Aura) : What is the one which you use to sing, the beautiful one?

Aura : "Unconscious"?

Milla : "Seconds of Pleasure" is my favourite album. "Dance To The Holy Man", too.

Silences : What is your best memory during the making and the recording of Receiving?

Milla : When we had dinner ! Well... Best memory? Listening to the record when everything was done. it's hard in the studio.


Photo : Didier Reuss, 04/1999


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