Jim Mc Dermott's interview (July 1998).

Jim Mc Dermott participated into Simple Minds's new album "Néapolis"... An occasion for us to ask him about this experience...

Silences : How did you met Jim Kerr and Simple-Minds? Is there any special relationships, any connection, between the Minds and the Silencers? (They already shared the same stage in the past).

Jim : I met Jim Kerr in 1991 when the band I was playing with, Kevin Mc Dermott Orchestra, toured in Britain with them. Also the Silencers shared the same manager for years (Bruce Findlay). That's the only kind of relationship or connection they had.

Silences : Did you listen to Simple Minds's music before?

Jim : Yes. I was always a very big fan of their music, especially the albums "Sparkle In The Rain" and "Once Upon A Time". The most ironic thing was that I always loved the drummer, Mel Gaynor. I always thought that one day I might get the chance to play with them.


Silences : Is there some kind of friendship between the two bands?

Jim: No. Other than the fact that both bands toured together in the mid-eighties, but every big band in Scotland seems to be aware of each other.

Silences : How and why did Jim Kerr propose you to participate in the new Simple Minds album?

Jim : Originally it was Charlie Burchill who called me to say he liked my drumming on "Beddazzled" by the Kevin Mc Dermott Orchestra (K.MO.), so I went to start recording on "Good News From The Next World" Lp, but I didn't work out since they wanted to go to America to do this. I then was approached again by Charlie to record "Néapolis" on which I played on two tracks.

Silences : On how many songs do you play the drum? Which ones?

Jim : I play on two songs, possibly three. "Lightning", "Killing Andy Warhol".


Photo : Didier Reuss, April 1997

Silences : Where and when was the album recorded?

Jim : It was recorded at the end of 1996 and through 1997 at Simple Minds own studio - "Bonnie Wee Studio" (very beautiful).

Silences : Do you intend to continue working with Simple-Minds in the future, or was it just an occasional help?

Jim : Yes. It was just occasional, but who knows, if Néapolis is successfull I think they might be calling again.

Silences : Will you play with them on stage in the future?

Jim : No, but if asked, yes, definately they are a very exciting live band.

Silences : If yes, how will you manage the "two" careers simultaneously (Silencers and Simple-Minds).

Jim : I would hire a stunt double.

Silences : Anything else you could add? Maybe a couple of words for the fans?

Jim : I hope everyone isn't losing patience waiting for the new Silencers album, I think it is well worth waiting for and I'm looking forward to some great gigs in France very soon.

Silences : And... at last... If there's anything about you that you would like to be published...

Jim : Yes. I think you (Corinne and Didier) do a great job because it takes a lot of hard-work and commitment to keep the Fan-Club alive and without fans there would be no bands.

Silences : Thank you very much Jim.. By the way, Simple Minds's album is gorgeous!!!

Jim: Thank you, the drumming is quite gorgeous (ha,ha)... Cheers!

Photo : Mo Mackenzie, January 2002

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